Terms & Conditions

Terms And Conditions

This agreement describes the entire terms and conditions for participation in the Site Program. In this agreement, the term "Member / Affiliate" refers to you (the applicant). Whenever the agreement refers to "you" or "your", it means "Member", "we" or "our" refers to MidTen Media Inc. owners of the MidTen Media Site Membership Program.


An individual becomes a Site member by completing and submitting the online Membership Enrollment Form. The Member must be of legal age to participate in the state, province or country in which they reside. Each individual may only maintain one Membership at a time.


There is no Cost associated to you for becoming a member.


Individuals who become Site Members are deemed to be customers of MidTen Media Inc. Accordingly, all MidTen Media rules, policies, and operating procedures concerning customer orders, customer and service will apply to those customers.


MidTen Media and the Member are independent contractors, and nothing in this Agreement will create any partnership, joint venture, agency, franchise, sales representative, or employment relationship between parties. You will have no authority to make or accept any offers or representations on our behalf. MidTen Media Members are expressly prohibited from stating or implying, orally or in writing, that they are franchises, joint venture partners, partners, or employees of MidTen Media Inc or Site. MidTen Media Members have no authority to speak on behalf of MidTen Media Inc.


We will not be liable for indirect, special, or consequential damages (or any loss of revenue, profits, or data) arising in connection with this Agreement or the Program, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages.


MidTen Media is an Internet based program and therefore uses text messaging, email, and Internet web pages as communication devices. All MidTen Media Members must have a valid email address and cell phone number and must notify MidTen Media if that address changes. Any information posted on our website or emailed to the Member's email address of record is considered delivered to the Member.


Member Affiliates may advertise Site using any of the advertising banners, links or material produced by MidTen Media and made available on our website. No one may use the MidTen Media or Site name or logo on any materials not produced by MidTen Media without written permission from MidTen Media Inc. Site Members are prohibited from granting media interviews regarding Site, without prior written approval from MidTen Media Inc.


MidTen Media or Site in no way participates in mass unsolicited emailing (i.e. spamming), and all Member / Affiliates are expected to adhere to this policy as well. Violation of this policy will result in termination of this contract, and immediate dismissal from the MidTen Media Membership Program.


There are no territory exclusives in the Site Membership / Affiliate Program.


Site members may choose at any time to cancel their Site membership, and/or review, modify or permanently inactivate all contact information stored by Site. Once inactivated, a past member will no longer receive any electronic communications from Site. If you have any questions about this privacy statement, Site practices, or feel that your privacy has been compromised, please contact us at privacy@Site


We make no express or implied warranties or representations with respect to the Membership / Affiliate Program or your potential to earn income from the Membership / Affiliate Program. In addition, we make no representation that the operation of our site or the MidTen Media Sites will be uninterrupted or error-free, and we will not be liable for the consequences of any interruptions or errors.


Once your account reaches $10.00 you can claim your rewards / commissions. Once your account balance reaches the $10.00 minimum check amount, a button saying "Claim Earnings" will appear. Click on this button to request your check. You must click on the "Claim Earnings" button within 30 days of reaching your $10.00 minimum check amount in order to qualify for payment. After clicking on this button you will be able to view your payment details in the history report provided.

Members are required to have a paypal account in order to receive payments from Site. Once a member claims earnings, they can expect a transfer to their paypal account within 10 days. Site is not responsible for lost payments, or unclaimed earnings due to, but not limited to, technical failure, invalid paypal email, member mismanagement, or anything that may hinder the process of payment.


Site Members are expressly prohibited from making any representations regarding the income potential of the Program.


MidTen Media may amend this Agreement, and its sales, marketing, and commission plan at any time. Amendments will be communicated by posting them on the MidTen Media website or by email. Amendments are effective and binding upon being published on the website or upon the sending of an email notification.

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